Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today, Samuel had his first belt test in karate. I'm not sure how how the colors go. I think he is trying to earn a red stripe on his white belt. This means that he has learned the first thirteen essentials of Karate. With Samuel's coordination problems, karate has not been easy but he is slowly making progress. It has been a big commitment for us, both in time and money. You'll see his teacher in the video. He is great, extremely patient and encouraging. All the teachers that work under him are his former students. He has designed a whole new program for ADHD kids that will start in January. Samuel was his inspiration to start it. The classes will still be twice a week but a little shorter and they will work on attention and focus with karate mixed in there.

Here are the videos. The last part of the 2nd one, the teacher just talks to Samuel about his strengths. He really is an amazing teacher.

Karate 1

Karate 2


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