Wednesday, October 17, 2007

They're back!

The monsters are back. They took a hiatus of about a year from Samuel's room but have recently returned. For the last two weeks, I've woken up with Samuel's face right next to mine, snoring away. One night it was eyes in the window. Another night, it was leaves in the window that suddenly turned into something scary. We do keep his blind down but there's always a little opening somewhere. He also insists that his door needs to be wide open and the hall light on. This morning he told me that he can now see the monsters during the day too. He pointed to the window and said that the monster was just there. I know the kid has a very active imagination so I'm hoping that is all and he doesn't need serious psychiatric help. It might be attention seeking but the fear seems so real. When he comes to our room at night, he is crying and his heart is beating incredibly fast. So we've been letting him come into bed. The problem with this, I don't sleep. He wiggles, he snores, he flails his arms around. So what is the solution? I wish I knew. We pray every night for good dreams. He asks God to take away the monsters. This morning he asked me why does God not listen to him when he prays? The monsters came back, even when he prayed. Tough question to answer. We're not sure what to do. I think it's a phase and it will eventually pass. So for now, we will let him come to our bed and feel safe.