Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cooking with George

Here's the recipe: Soup recipe
Not very difficult, pretty straight forward. Now, let's try this with George in the kitchen.

G: Two slices of bacon? Come on. Let's add some more.
S: It's only for flavor. It doesn't need more.
G: You only gave me one clove of garlic.
S:That's all it calls for.
G: I think it needs more.
S: Of course you do. It's fine.
G: But I like garlic.
S: So do I. It's fine.
G: You only gave me half an onion. I think we need the other half.
S: It's a big onion. If we add more, it will be too onioney.
G: Don't you think a beer would be good in this broth?
S: No, I don't.
G: It needs more liquid. Maybe water?
S: No, it's just right.
I leave for a few minutes to make sure Samuel is not flushing his sister down the toilet.
S: What are you adding?
G: Just a little cayenne.
S: Remember, the kids are eating this.
G: Don't you think some rosemary would be good in this?
S: No, the flavors don't really go with it.
G: I think we need another can of beans. It doesn't look like enough. I like it real beany.
S: Here's another can.(See, I do give a little)
G: Much better.
He waits over the pot for ten minutes until it starts boiling and adds the tortellini.
G: I really think we need another package of tortellini.
S: It will expand. We don't need another bag.
G: Are you sure?
S: Yes.
Finally, it's done. It tastes great. Here it is:

George has the philosophy that more is better. He doesn't seem to learn even after repeated failures. He's come up with some pretty interesting brownies. Peanut butter, caramel, chocolate chips, walnuts and almonds is a little too much. Two teaspoons of very strong Dominican vanilla is way too much. (But I like vanilla.... ) And don't let him dress the salad. He really likes balsamic.

Don't get me wrong, I love having his help in the kitchen. He's entertaining. He makes me laugh. Sure, it's a bit infuriating when he doesn't listen but he means well. I like that he's not a recipe follower. I have a feeling that a there's a certain little boy in this house who will not follow recipes either. And I'm glad.