Monday, November 26, 2007

My path

Why do I blog? When I started this, I basically did it to keep my family in touch with us. I also thought it would be a good chronicle of our lives that the kids would enjoy reading one day. But it has become more. It's been an outlet, both creatively and artistically. It's satisfying a need that has gone unfulfilled for a long time.

Before marriage and kids, I took pictures. I would go down to the homeless of Atlanta, and talk to them while taking photos. This was something I enjoyed. I also did quite a bit of writing. I even went to a few open mic nights and read some of my writing.

There's a big part of me that wishes I had gone into journalism. I love to travel, write, and take pictures. I like adventure. With training, I probably could of been successful. But, I have a chosen a much different type of adventure and in many ways a much more challenging one. My travels are down to the creek. My pictures are not of exotic places but of my beautiful family. And my writing is this, my blog. Do I feel sorry for this path? Not for a second. Well, maybe for a few seconds....When we're in the car and Sophia is screaming bloody murder because Samuel is poking her leg. Or when Sophia dumps the entire container of cayenne pepper on the floor and is playing in it and it gets in her eyes and nose. Not fun. But it's the path I'm on and I wouldn't change it.

We had an adventure the other day, down to the creek. Samuel collected some treasures, or what most people call trash. When I asked him why he was carrying an old milk jug, he said, "I'm going to leave it in the backyard and when I need to go pee pee, I can just go in it, instead of coming inside." He was also carrying an old shoe heel. I asked him what that was for. "I'm still deciding but isn't it cool?"
No, I wouldn't change a thing.