Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our little Bethlehem

Every year, the church across the street, creates a walk through Bethlehem. We've gone every year since we moved here. It runs every night of the weekend and it truly takes you back to the time of Jesus' birth. There are animals in stalls, all sorts of stores set up, and of course, baby Jesus in the manger.

Being the kind of mom that I am, I prefer to go during the day. One, because it's not dark and you can actually see and two, because we can walk leisurely through the town and the kids can run, touch and do as they please. So, we've been three times this weekend. Twice during the day and once at night.

Here's the town. It looks a bit more authentic at night dimmed with candles.

Recognize these monkeys? I thought about leaving the bigger one for a bit.

Every stall had a different trade. Samuel loved the pounding one. Sophia was content watching and eating chocolate.

The kid's favorite part was the animals. Notice the earless cow? As a calf, he was attacked by coyotes and nursed back from near death. Samuel took an instant liking toward him. Probably reminded him of his tailless lizard.

Sophia loved the animals. She kept right up with her brother and showed no fear. Isn't she the cutest? But don't let the pink bow deceive you. She's trouble, big trouble. Grandpa, yes, you dad, remember this when you come next week. She's trouble, very well disguised under extreme cuteness.

And then, the manger. Is it bad that I let my kids lay down where baby Jesus did? It looks like Samuel really got into the moment. He almost looks.... dare I say it... angelic.

Here's another one of my pensive angel. He even has a heavenly glow behind him.

This was the baby Jesus in the manger last night. Mary and Joseph and the angels were all surrounding the sweet baby. Someone was singing in the background. It was a serene scene until two things happened.
A certain little boy that I know very well said very loudly,
"I knew it was going to be a fake Jesus."
And secondly our neighbors were dressed up as Mary and Joseph. When Samuel realized this, he started waving and shouting, "Hey, I know them. Hi. Shaun and Breena!"

I felt a little bad on the way home. Did my little boy understand what he had seen? He eased my mind when I heard him commenting to himself, "Good thing, the real Jesus lives and not that fake baby one."