Monday, February 11, 2008


Here it is. Ebay page

At 10:00 last night, I checked to make sure that my auctions went up. At that time I realized I forgot to click something that needed to be clicked. So, two hours and two pieces of chocolate cake later, everything was fixed. This has been a nightmare! But at least if I do it again, I'll be much better at it. I highly doubt there will be an again.


Sharon-shutterbug said...

Hi Shelley,
No, you don't know me from Adam. I was reading comments on The Pioneer Woman Cooks and yours jumped out at me, because of your name. My family on my mom's side are Lebanese, and one of the family names is Braham. My great-grandfather immigrated here from Lebanon, and we think when he was going through customs the people ended up giving him his dad's name for a last name - we aren't sure if it was listed as Ibrahim, Abraham, or Braham originally, but it ended up as Braham. When I have time (not often, unfortunately!) I like to try to find out some of my family history, and I hardly have any information on that particular branch, which is why I was immediately drawn to your name. Anyway, I just thought I'd stop in and say hi, so . . . HI ! :)
And if there's any chance your husband's family might be related (my great-grandfather's first name was Michael), feel free to email me: sorzy (at) wideopenwest (dot) com