Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our amazing handful

You're five! Five! I can't believe it. What a cool kid you've turned out to be. Everyday I find myself looking at you in wonder. How could your dad and I have produced such an amazing boy. Obviously, we had very little to do with it.

Five years ago tonight, you came into this world. You were a beautiful boy, even at birth. The nurses all said that you were one of the best looking babies they had ever seen. Maybe they tell all moms that, but I thought it was true. You were so alert. Your eyes were wide open, taking everything in. And you haven't changed.

If someone asked me to use just a couple words to describe you, I would use curious and delighted. The world delights you. You enjoy things thoroughly. There is a sense of wonder about you that I love. When you see something new, it's almost like you want to drink it in. You not only want see it, you want to touch, taste and be engaged by it. Most of all, you are delighted by people. Having a house full of people is heaven for you. When someone comes over, you immediately run to the fridge, to get them a drink. If your friends are out, you are the one with your hands full of Popsicles, offering everyone one.

Your curiosity in insatiable. It's probably the reason you get in trouble the most. You cannot stand to not know how something works. Because of this, you break allot of stuff. If there's a ball with squishy stuff in it, you will find a way to figure out what the squishy stuff is. Hence, the broken thermometer, pillows with stuffing spilling out and beautiful green squishy ball goo on the walls in your room.

So, in more ways than one, today you are a handful. But what a neat handful you are! I could not of asked for a neater kid. We have the best conversations and I love your quick mind. It's funny, when I have a conversation with another kid your age, I expect them to understand and get things like you do. But most of them don't and you make most kids seem dull.

You're the kind of kid that some people aren't going to get. Most of those people are not smart enough to get you or don't have the patience to really get to know you. But the people that do get you are going to adore you. Please don't let these not getters get you down. Rise above them because you're special. I know you will make a mark on this world. I pray that it is a beautiful, unique and spectacular mark. Happy birthday my sweet boy.

Here's a look back at your birthdays.



#3 Couldn't find a cake picture but it was a car cake.

#4 It was supposed to be a monkey cake.....