Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jump in the middle

We had another gorgeous day today. We spent most of it outside which means I got very little done inside. I've had to learn to put my guilt aside and really enjoy these spring days. There will be a time when I will have plenty of time to clean my house.

Samuel has been enjoying the creek quite a bit recently. His little friend, and our neighbor, has actually been allowed to go in with him. I guess I'm starting to rub off on his mom and she's realizing that a dirty boy is only natural.

Samuel takes dirty to a whole different level. The other day, he was down in the creek with six other kids. They were playing and running around. After a bit, they all made their way back toward the moms. And what did I notice? My boy was drenched from head to toe. He had taken his shirt and shoes off and only had shorts on. Mud was caked to his face. In his hand was a huge stick. And he was grinning from ear to ear. What else did I notice? The other kids were dry. One of the older boys came up to me and said, "I told Samuel to jump over the creek but he just jumped right in the middle."

I'm happy he's the way he is and I hope he continues to jump and get dirty. Some kids hate to be dirty. Can't stand to have mud or gunk on their bodies. I didn't get one of those kids, and I'm glad. I like dirty kids.