Monday, March 3, 2008

Long class

Well, tonight was my first class a an official instructor at my gym. I took over the 6:30 slot on Monday nights. It's a tough slot because it follows a 5:30 class by a very popular instructor and everybody wants to take the early class to get it over with and go home. So I doubt my class will last more than a month. I think that is why the previous instructor gave it up. But, it's good practice and I am up for the challenge.

Class tonight went alright. There were about ten people and it was clear that none of them wanted to be there. There was absolutely no energy in the room. I tried my darndest to get these people motivated to exercise but they all looked at me like I was insane. But, I pretended like I had a room full of enthusiastic and eager learners. At one point, during one of the harder songs, every single person was sitting up on their bikes and doing nothing that I told them to do. Granted, it was a fast song and you have to really pay attention to keep up. So, I'm up on stage, sweating my guts out, and these jokers were simply watching me. I felt like yelling, "Why are you here?" But I kept my cool and the class continued and finally finished.

I'm sure these kind of classes are common. You get a certain mix of people that are completely flat. I'm going to have to learn to coach the unmotivated. I love coaching the people that love to sweat and get that adrenaline rush. Apparently not everyone is like that. During song three, I was started to drip sweat. This is the part of the workout that I love. I get my endorphin kick and start really feeling good. I yelled this out to my very bored exercisers tonight, hoping to get a little response and maybe a nod of acknowledgement from a fellow sweat lover. But no, my unmotivated, non sweating, uninterested non exercisers looked at me like I had lost my mind. Man, I hope this gets better. Or am I really nuts?