Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ER Trip #1

Sophia had her first ER trip! At around 7:00 last night, George and I were outside with the kids. Sophia was in between us and we were swinging her by her arms. You know, "One, two, three, Weeeee" She was loving it until I hear George say, "I think I heard a pop." Sure enough, her little arm was hanging a bit limply at her side. If we tried to touch it, she cried in pain. I decided to take her in and George stayed with Samuel. Samuel, of course, wanted to go. I told him there would be lots of waiting involved. "But I love waiting!" As I was driving away, I could hear him wailing. "But I want to see the x-ray machines!!!"

As far as ER visits go, it was pretty good. We only waited about an hour. Sophia was a trooper. She kept the hurt arm close to her and managed to maneuver around one handed. When we got into our room and were waiting for the doctor, she decided she wanted to play with my purse. I saw her reach up for it with her hurt arm, yelp in pain, and then said, "Owie all gone" Then as happy as can be, ran, crawled, and climbed around. I'm sure my mouth was wide opened in awe when the doctor walked in.

"I swear there was something wrong with her, like two minutes ago."

He smiled knowingly, "She fixed it herself, huh?"

I guess this happens all the time. He told me that not a day goes by when they don't see what they call nursemaid's elbow. She obviously moved it just the right way to set it back into place.

So that's it. Kind of a waste of thirty bucks but we're relieved that she's ok and it wasn't a big deal. Today, she's running around like her normal crazy self. So all is well!


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