Friday, April 11, 2008


Every once in awhile my kids get along. Or at least they do for a few minutes and I get a little glimpse of a friendship developing between the two of them.

Today, we stayed home most of the day. We've been gone so much this week, that my house was a wreck and I needed to clean. Cleaning with little ones in the house is difficult. You get something done, turn around and something else is a mess. Having a small house with not alot of room to play, makes it even harder for us to keep things tidy. I've lowered my expectations considerably but once the house gets to a certain point, I can't stand it anymore.

Around 10:00, Samuel asked to go play in the backyard. I usually let him because it's fenced in. Today he asked if Sophia could go with him. Sure, why not? I needed to clean. I assumed it would maybe last five minutes before the big one did something that made the little one cry but guess what? I was wrong. They played while I cleaned. I kept on looking out the window to make sure Samuel hadn't hung her to a tree or tied her to one of the dogs. But no, they actually were out there for close to an hour. I got the downstairs clean, mopped and vacuumed.

It ended badly. Sophia just happened to get the entire bowl of water dumped on her by accident..... Life with a brother.

I know one day, they will be friends. Samuel likes her more than he'll admit. She makes him laugh, she repeats everything he says and does, and she loves him dearly. Today on the way to the store, I looked back at them, and they were holding hands. So sweet. It lasted almost a minute before she started pinching him and he bonked her on the head. Hey, its a start.