Friday, April 18, 2008

Ladies man

I've written before about Samuel and his fascination with women and girls. He seems to have what he calls "kiss a girl dreams" quite often. This morning he came to my room to tell me about the latest one. They always involve himself, the superhero, and a girl, the kisser. His comment after he told me was, "I'm going to pray to Jesus to give that same dream tonight."

Last Sunday, he spent the afternoon with George's dad. One of George's friends,Basel, is now a real estate agent and he wanted to show Tony some properties to invest in. Samuel tagged along with them. Basel has recently married. His wife is Lebanese, young, has very long black hair and is quite beautiful. You can imagine my smitten boy. He got to sit in the backseat with her. Anytime anybody would try to speak to her, he would not let them. She was his and he engaged her in conversation, sang to her and who knows what else. The reason we know all this is because Basel called George after they were finished to tell him that our son was stealing his wife and he wasn't happy about it. Apparently, Samuel told her repeatedly how beautiful she was and gave her his phone number. "Call me anytime!"

Yesterday at the gym, I walked in and a cute little girl walked up to me and asked where Samuel was. I told her that he had stayed at home. "But I wore the skirt he really likes. Tell him to come tomorrow and I'll wear it again."