Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It's been quite a day. I'm tired and have no creative energy whatsoever. Here's why:
5:45 am- wake up/ shower/ coffee
6:15 - get kids up/ dressed
6:30- leave house for babysitter
7:00 - drop kids off
7:30- faculty meeting- realized I forgot my work laptop at home that I was supposed to give to the computer lady at work
9:00- faculty meeting over
9:30- pick up Samuel from babysitter
10:00- drop off Samuel at school
11:00- go to gym to teach
12:00- go to a couple of my schools to drop off student's work
1:30- pick up Samuel from school
2:00-take my computer back to work to get checked out
3:30- pick up Sophia from babysitter
4:15- go to grocery store
5:00- make dinner/eat/ hang out with kids
6:30-go back to gym to teach
8:00- put kids to bed
8:30- crash on couch and beg husband to bring me food, drink and rub my feet
10:00-realize I have not written on my blog for a few days and crawl to the computer

Thankfully, not everyday is like this. I put 120 miles on my car. Off to take a bath. 24 more school days until summer vacation!