Thursday, May 8, 2008

Big deal

Today is my 200th post. Have I written that many? It really does seem like a few days ago that I started this blog.

Well, today I took Samuel in for star search at the elementary school. It's kind of an introduction for both the kids and their parents to the school. They all had to wear their Simpson t-shirts which of course we were not required to buy. But if you didn't buy it, your kid would be the one kid sticking out without the blue shirt. So I sacrificed for the good of my son, and his precious self esteem is still intact.

Talk about super organized! Everything was smooth and perfect. When we got there, they whisked our little ones away to a kindergarten class while the parents had a meeting in the cafeteria. It was basically feel good stuff. Your kids will be taken care of, safe, learn alot, ect. This elementary school is #1 in the county and top twenty in Georgia. It has an amazing reputation. So, as in any school it has it's great points and it's weaknesses.

1) It's not very diverse. I think it's 90% white.
2) Huge pressure on the kids to perform well on standardized tests. Don't even get me started on this one...
3) Mostly two parent homes. This neighborhood is incredibly stable. Most kids that start out in kindergarten, stay until they graduate.
4) A ton of parent involvement. So much that the teachers are always on their toes. If a kid gets an A- on something, parents will be at the school the next day demanding answers. Yikes!
5) The parking lot is mini-van hell or heaven. Depends on how you look at it.
6) The staff is also very stable. The teachers stay put and don't want to leave.

Sending your child to kindergarten is a big deal. To me it's the fact that you are putting your precious child into other people's hands for eight hours a day. It's their guidance he will be under for most of the day. He will be learning lessons from them, good and bad. I understand why people home school. I do. I also understand why people send their kids to private schools. But for us, we are going to trust God and hope we are making the right decision. Samuel is in His hands. Will he learn some things I'd rather him not? You bet! Will he make some unwise choices in friends? I'm sure he will. But, we are his parents and we will continue to be the biggest influences in his life. It's at home, where the core of learning, shaping, and defining your child's character happens.

So, I'm looking at this as an adventure. Next year might be awesome or it might be awful. But learning will take place. School might be smooth sailing for my boy. I doubt it, but you never know.

I took a look at the kindergarten teacher he had today. She was young, long hair, and very pretty. He ran out of the room, extremely excited.
"How did it go?"
"Great. I loved it!"
"How was your teacher?"
He got a little shy but whispered to me,"Mom, she was so pretty! So, two thumbs up!"

There's no guarantee he'll have her next year. But we can pray very hard that he will.