Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just what we needed

The stomach bug hit our house. First Sophia, then me and finally Samuel. It hasn't spread to anyone else yet and I hope it doesn't. Sophia's seemed mild or she has a higher tolerance for discomfort than her big brother. Mine pretty much lasted through the night and was gone my early afternoon. Samuel's lingered. Maybe it was the mix of being weak from not eating much, still having some pain from his throat and being nauseated. He just laid on the floor or couch or bed and moaned. At noon yesterday, we all went upstairs to our big bed and slept for three hours. Samuel and I needed it. Sophia didn't have a choice.

Today has been the best day in a week. Samuel came in this morning and sweetly said, "Good morning." No whining, no crying, no demanding behavior. Could this be it? Is he better? I sure hope so. The only remnant of his tonsils is his awful breath. I guess when the scabs are healing, they stink. And when I say stink, I mean it. Yesterday, I kept on thinking Sophia had a dirty diaper. But no, it's his rank breath. No amount of tooth brushing will help. I guess when the healing is complete, the stench will go away.

We went to the free summer movie this morning. Every Tuesday and Wednesday during the summer, they play a couple of older movies at the theatre. Samuel chose to see Mr Bean's Holiday. I thought for sure I would hate it but surprisingly, it was cute. Sophia was in and out of my lap but did pretty well considering her age.

So, I think the healing is almost complete. It's been a long week. I've heard way too much whining. It's made me think about Samuel's future wife. And how sorry I am that he is such a baby when he's sick. And that I really don't think it's my fault. I don't baby him that much. It's in his genes.


Anonymous said...

Tell Samuel that Mr. Bean is a graduate of the school that Anna Caatherine and Julieanne go to!

Nathan had that stomach bug the whole drive home from the Cotswolds. Ugh. sorry.