Monday, June 16, 2008

The Thompson's

It's interesting being with a huge group of people who share your blood. We all are connected in some way. We share genes, personality traits, big bottom lips, crooked noses. The list goes on and on. We had a good weekend. It was not all light and fluffy. Many of us got into some pretty hefty conversations about our family and what about them has made us the way we are. I especially enjoyed a talk with three of my cousins, Debi, Shari and Ken. We all shared our hearts. We talked about some generational sins that have been passed down and how we can break the cycle in our own lives. It was real and I liked it.

And there was plenty of talk about Facebook. I took alot of grief about being the only one in my immediate family that is on it.(Sorry Anna Catherine is too) So, David, Dennis, mom and dad, get on there! I know it's sort of a younger generation thing, but I've enjoyed connecting with many old friends, including quite a few Spain people.

I have some pictures that I'll download tomorrow. It was fun but I missed having my brothers and their families there.


Anonymous said...

We missed being at the reunion in a BIG way. I had Facebook over a year ago before we moved and changed our email address. Now, I'm doing well to keep up withthe blog and emails - don't see how I could manage Facebook as well without losing more sleep. Oh well.