Friday, July 11, 2008

Outta here!

We went to see George's dad tonight. He was in good spirits and seemed hopeful. He said the reason he wants to live is to see his grand kids grow up a little. "They're too small. I can't go yet." We will know by Thursday what his prognosis is and how they are going to treat it. He wants to live in his house as long as possible and he doesn't want to sell his store until he has to. George will have to fill in after he gets off of work and on weekends. I'm not sure how realistic Tony is being. He thinks that he can continue working at his store. I have a feeling that the chemo is going to be a heck of alot harder on him than he thinks it's going to be. Hopefully I'm wrong.

I am taking the kids to Augusta to be with my family until Wednesday so I doubt be able to update before then. It will be a good break for all of us.