Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Genetic predisposition to misbehave?

Well, it happened. I knew it would. I'm not surprised. We got a call from Samuel's teacher. My cell phone died so she talked to George. Apparently, he was not following directions in both the cafeteria and during PE. She was very sweet on the phone and wanted to keep us in the loop. I really appreciate this about her.

Both these places are non-structured and his teacher is not with him. In the cafeteria he crawled under the table and tried to scare some kids. When his teacher heard what happened, she talked to Samuel about it. He told her, "Oh, I'm allowed to crawl under the table while I eat at my house." So he lied to get out of trouble.

George did not defend Samuel's actions. He actually did quite the opposite. He told her that he's a conman, master manipulator and often full of crap. We love our kid, but we know he's a rascal. I think she found this refreshing.

I hope he settles down and realizes his boundaries. He has tested every teacher he has ever had. This is no different. But now, he's going to school every day, all day. It's his seventh day and I already have a pounding headache.

I know George was a rascal in school. He was always in trouble. He got kicked out of numerous boarding schools. Does Samuel have this in his genes? George struggles with authority. He likes to be the boss. Sound like anybody? My headache is worsening with every word I type.