Sunday, August 24, 2008

Take me away!

Is the weekend over? It felt way too short.

Tony has had a rough week. He started his first round of chemo Tuesday. I think the nausea has been what has gotten him down the most. George and Samuel went to see him this afternoon. George said he seemed a little better but still tired.

I'm emotionally exhausted. Between dealing with Samuel and school, Tony and his cancer, George and his new job, Gab and her teenageness, Sophia and her potty training, and my incredibly stressful work week last week, I'm tired. I've been having dreams of a tropical island. A perfectly silent tropical island with plenty of fruity drinks and where no one calls me mom. Heck, I don't want anyone to call me anything. I want to be completely anonymous. I could go on and on with this fantasy but all it does is make me depressed.

It only takes me seconds to realize how blessed I am. But some days I want to wallow in self pity. For someone who doesn't complain too much, it feels kind of good.

Don't worry, tomorrow things will look brighter. And if it doesn't, life still goes on.