Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

It seems like lately I need to start each of my entries with an apology for not writing as much as usual. We have one computer in the house and no TV. My school laptop that I usually use to post is not working. That means we all have to share. When we do watch tv, it's through the computer. So, my computer time has been reduced.

I enjoyed my birthday. We went to our favorite bakery and then to the big park downtown. It's been cooling off nicely and I love the crisp feel to the air. I got a great 8 gb Zune music player, which is the Microsoft competitor to the Ipod. It came with a speaker Dock to listen to music at home.

I had a blast downloading music yesterday. Great job George!

We also had a neighborhood party Saturday night with a cake and Rosary came with a cake last night. So, I felt pretty special. 38 years old. That's a good age to stay, don't you think?