Monday, September 8, 2008

School Boy

We had a busy weekend and I hardly had time to post. I keep thinking that I will get better about posting but life always seems to get in the way.

Samuel finished his fourth week of school. He's only had one bad week. The last two weeks, he has done wonderfully. He needs to be busy and challenged. School does both of these things. He is very social. School also fulfills this need. On Thursday, I went and had lunch with him. He walked into that cafeteria liked he owned the place. He went through the line, showing me everything. When we sat down, he pointed and named all his friends. Teachers would walk into the cafeteria and Samuel would tell me who they were. I think going to the "big" school has made him feel like a big boy. He has embraced all the fun things they do. He comes home and tells me all about it. He wants homework. He wants to be involved in all the fundraisers. He wants to be the kids with the most star slips. I know this will probably end but, I kind of like this kid.

I also got to meet Sarah. On my way to lunch, I met him outside of the cafeteria. The first thing he said to me was, "Sarah is very shy, so talk quietly to her, ok?" She is a very quiet redhead. Not silly and loud like many of the girls I saw. When we sat down for lunch he said, "Sarah is too skinny. I'm trying to get her to eat more." His teacher told me that they are good friends and very cute together. I was pretty impressed by how much he seems to take care of her.

On Friday after school, Samuel told me he was sad. When I asked why, he responded, "Well, it's the weekend and there's no school for two whole days." I looked behind me to make sure I had the right kid but there he was, my boy. Let me tell you, those words were music to my ears.