Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shaved head

Tony lost his hair this week. It started coming out in patches, so he decided to shave it off. On Friday, I came home to this man.

He had decided to shave his head when his dad did. Sophia was with me in the car and she said,"Where's my daddy?" When she realized it was him, she said, "That my daddy." I still have to do a double take sometimes. It's almost like I am living with a strange man.

Tony starts his second round of chemo on Tuesday. He was supposed to do it last week but his platelet count was too low. His spirits are still good. He is getting more forgetful, which is a side effect of the chemo. He seems to be on so many drugs to offset the effects of the chemo. George and Samuel just left to visit him for a few hours.

Here are some shots I took of my men before they left. Samuel is into being a spy. So he's got a bunch of spy gear on.


Anonymous said...

Julieanne says George looks good and cool!