Friday, October 24, 2008


Samuel has been on his new star behavior sheet for three weeks. He had two tough days this week, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs D called and talked to George on Wednesday night. She said that he had found all the loops holes and was again getting around the rules. So, they are changing it once again to cover more areas like the hallway, and transition times. She said that if this didn't work that they would like to give him the BASC, a behavior assessment. That way we can pinpoint if his behaviors are emotional, social,ect.

I realize that Samuel is not your typical kid. I know he needs alot of attention. But is he a kid with serious emotional issues? He's five and he's immature. I feel like I am being railroaded into thinking that my kid is worse than he is. He has his fair share of trouble at home. But I don't think it's any worse that alot of "normal" kids. I do want to know why most of his behaviors at school are attention seeking. He loves to be the center. He struggles when he is not. Why? I don't know. I'm sure this is partly his personality.

I feel myself getting defensive. I also am starting to feel apathetic. Is Samuel rubbing off on me? The other day when he had a tough day at school, he said,
"Mom, it's really not a big deal."
Which is his way of saying,"These jokers are getting me in trouble for the dumbest things. Give me a break!"

Maybe he's right.


Anonymous said...

Let's start a new school for amazing, innovative kids like ours. We'll just make life difficult for the compliant, quiet ones.


Anonymous said...

A BASC...really? For Samuel? Are you kidding me? That seems a little crazy after 9 weeks of school w/ not a lot of interventions. Keep me updated.


Can we put him in my class? :-)