Sunday, November 9, 2008


We had a gorgeous weekend. I got a ton done around the house and had two nights out without the kids. So, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle a busy week.

When it comes to physical appearance, I am not very high maintenance. If George and I are going somewhere, I can shower and be ready to go in fifteen minutes. I hardly ever leave the house with makeup and what I do wear, I put on in the car. This weekend George and I got the chance to hang out with other adults both Friday and Saturday night. For some reason, I decided to take a little extra time on my appearance. I had finished my shower and was in my closet deciding what to wear, when I spotted a very dusty and hardly used hairdryer. I never dry my hair. I wash and go. But that night, I decided to change things up a bit and actually let something besides the wind, dry my hair.

So, I dusted the thing off, plugged it in and it worked! I began to dry my hair. Not two minutes had gone by, when two little bodies popped into the bathroom. Samuel began with his questions, "Mom, what's that? Why are you doing that to your hair? What's that stuff on your eyes? Why are you wearing a dress?
My children have never seen or heard a hairdryer. I explained to them what it was, let them feel the warm air on their hair. Pretty fascinating stuff.

It was actually fun dressing up a little bit and going out. Moms don't do this enough. We forget what it feels like to "feel" pretty. My little girl summed it up in her two year old way, "Mama, you a pettee pinpess!" I twirled a few times for her and her eyes lit up.

Maybe next weekend I'll let them see what the iron looks like....

Here are a few pictures from the park I took this weekend.


Lee-Ann said...

lol, that sounds similar to my house. My kids wouldn't have a clue what a hairdryer is! :o)