Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Six more days!

I have been starting and ending my day at Samuel's school. Because of the county's budget cuts, the powers that be want us to try and cut down on our mileage. One way to do this, is to make my first stopping point, close to home. So I drop Samuel off at 8:30 and am there to pick him up at 3:30. It has been a great way to stay connected. I'm getting to know some of the faculty and can touch base with his teacher fairly often.

Yesterday,I needed to give Mrs. D something so I walked Samuel to his classroom. She was eager to talk to me. We talked in the hall for fifteen minutes. Since Thanksgiving, Samuel has not been on his special behavior point sheet. Mrs D wants to see how he does without it. The first week he did wonderfully. This week, he has had a few rough patches, but nothing major. The biggest thing I got from our conversation was that she doesn't think that Samuel is a real discipline problem. The more she gets to know him, the more she sees how inattentive he seems and has such a hard time focusing. She gave me an example of a story she was reading to the class. Every kid was looking at her, hanging on her every word. But not my boy. He was looking at everything but her. He was playing with his jacket. He was kicking his feet. He obviously wasn't paying attention.

For some reason, I felt good about our conversation. She is beginning to see how hard school is on him. He wants to do well. He tries his hardest on most days. School is only going to get harder on him as he gets older. She is also seeing how smart he is. Her words were,"I just want to be able to tap into his intelligence."

We are so blessed to have her. I can tell that she genuinely loves my boy. Sure, he's not easy but she sees past that and wants to make him succeed. She is documenting what happens during his day. This will be key when we do take him to the pediatrician in February.

Posting will be pretty limited the next week or so. I have six very full days left of work. Can't wait for the break!