Friday, December 19, 2008

Tough skin

I have been both taking and picking Samuel up from school. The bus is hard on him. It's very unstructured. The kids tend to be rowdier than in a normal setting. We tried it out for a few weeks and I felt it was going to be a source of stress for the both of us. So I took him off. This week I have had a ton to do. So, I thought we'd give it a try for a few mornings. The first day, no problems. This morning, I get to the bus stop and one of the moms said in a very "sweet" voice.
"Samuel, did you spit on someone yesterday on the bus?"
"Are you sure because both of my boys said you did."
At this point I look at him and tell him that it's in his best interest to tell me the truth. Let's just say that he didn't get on the bus this morning.

In the car, we talked about it. Apparently some kid called a him a stupid head. And, Samuel proceeded to spit on him. We talked about better choices that he could have made. I could talk to this kid about good choices for hours. But what it comes down to, is he cannot seem to control his impulses. It is obvious that he felt bad after. He knew that he had made a stupid choice. But he felt threatened and did what came to his head.

So, we won't do the bus. I guess what got to me, was the judgement I felt by the moms. I'm sure they think Samuel is a brat. I am the first to say that he can be annoying and impulsive and a little out of control. But when you look past that, he has such a great heart. He's sensitive. I know he feels like at times he is spinning out of control and doesn't know what to do. I am not going to stand at the bus stop and make excuses for my son. If they don't want their kids around mine, it's their loss. They can think what they want.

Sorry, for my rant. I needed to get it off my chest. Off to the class party...


Anonymous said...

Believe me, I understand. I hope you all have a really great break and come back recharged and ready to tackle the next challenge.

:) Kolleen