Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We had Samuel's SST this morning. It was very positive. And I have to tell you once again how amazing Samuel's teacher is. She started off by showing everyone the two pictures of Samuel that I sent to her at the beginning of the year, the one with the frog and the stick. She just wanted everyone to get a little picture of what kind of kid he is. She called him an explorer or scientist, his mind never stops. She explained how intelligent he is but how he is not performing like she know he should. He is on grade level. His reading is coming along. But he has so much more potential.

Then she told us some of the tricks she uses to help him succeed. Samuel can not just sit and listen without moving some part of his body. So when she works with his group, she lets him play with her shoe, or pant cuff. This might sound a little weird but I can totally see him doing that. He listens so much better when he's in motion. I just love that she lets him do that.

She told us that yesterday Samuel found a dead squirrel on the playground. He was so very excited about it and wanted to show it to her. So, he got a stick and bought it over to the group of teachers. And do you know what she did? Got down with him and looked at it. They spent some time examining it and then he took it back over to the bushes.

Mrs D has been exactly what our boy needs. She really loves and understands him. That's all I prayed for. Sitting there in that meeting, I felt like she totally went to bat for him. The psychologist gave us a checklist to fill out. We will take the results to the developmental pediatrician next month.

I was so dreading this school year. It's been tough but nothing like I expected. Mrs D said today that he is definitely not a behavior problem in her class. My fear is what will happen when he gets a teacher that doesn't truly love and understand him. Maybe I should ask if she wants to move up to first grade?