Saturday, February 14, 2009

Funny little guy

So, it's Valentine's Day. We don't make a huge deal out of it but I always get the kids a little something. Samuel got a microphone so he could sing all his rock star songs and Sophia got a little cheap piano to play along with him. I regretted the purchase almost as soon they opened them. Now, it's a few hours later and my ears hurt.

I took Samuel to run some errands with me a few hours ago. As we were walking into Target, he asked if he could buy a toy for himself. I gave a very mom type of answer, "Money doesn't grow on trees." And he gave me a smart and logical answer, "You're right mom. Money is made out of paper and paper comes from trees. So money is made out of trees not on trees."

Then as we were walking down the underwear aisle he said, "Look mom! Some boobie holders!"