Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Samuel

I always get a little sad on the eve of my children's birthdays. Some of it might be the stress I put on myself to make their birthdays extra special. I just finished making 20 dirt sundaes to bring in to his class tomorrow. If you know Samuel, you know he loves dirt and I thought this snack was perfect for him. Mrs D liked the idea so much she insisted that I read a book called "The Diary of a Worm" to the class when I come in to bring the snack. Have I mentioned that I like her....

Samuel, my sweet boy, you are turning six! No longer can you use one hand to tell people how old you are! It's been a busy year for you. Starting kindergarten has been quite the experience. You never complain about going and I know there are many days when you don't want to go. School is not always easy for you. I know that reading and writing are hard. I also know that you kind of live for recess.

You have a great mind. Every day you say things that amaze me. One day that mind will do great things. But your heart is what I pray for daily. Your sweet tender heart that is so sensitive. Just yesterday, you came home telling me about this bully on the playground. He had called you a stupid butthead and pushed you down. I immediately wanted to find out who it was and deal with it but you said, "Don't worry mom, I can deal with it. I have a plan." And I'm sure you will. Knowing you, you will use that great mind of yours to outwit this kid.

With every year that goes by, my love for you deepens but as it deepens it changes. You aren't as cuddly as you used to be, especially in public. I can feel that little boy need for his mommy lessening, I'm ok with that. It's what's supposed to happen.

Happy 6th Birthday! I know that this year will be full. Full of happy moments, full of extremely sad times, full of learning, full of love. You are one loved little boy. I thank God for giving us such an awesome kid.