Wednesday, February 11, 2009


George took Tony to the hospital this morning for another scan. The tumors seem to be stable which means they are not getting bigger but they are not shrinking either. What they did see was where the original tumor was, there is some fluid. This fluid is one of the reasons that he is having trouble breathing. The drainage is apparently from the pus in the tumor cells. George will take him back tomorrow so they can drain the fluid. The doctors are also going to change his chemo once again. He has been taking a pill everyday and this has been making him incredibly weak. I'm not sure any chemo pill is going to make him feel great but maybe he will have a little more energy with the new one.

George is drained. So much is on him right now. He broke down yesterday in front of his dad. If only we could think as simply and beautifully as a child. We have been broaching the subject of death with Samuel. We've talked to him about it before but not really in terms of somebody he knows. His response the other day after our conversation was,

"Mom, isn't heaven so much better than earth anyway? So, they'll be happier, right? Why be so sad?"


Anonymous said...

I am praying for you guys and Tony!