Friday, April 3, 2009

Swim lessons

So, Samuel started swim lessons this week. He loves the long as he can touch the ground. But the way I view it, swimming is a must. It's a life skill. I'm not asking him to be the next Michael Phelps, but he has to learn to not drown.

We decided to shell out the big bucks for private lessons because we knew that he was behind most kids his age and highly distractable. This center has a pool that is reserved for lessons. Samuel was very excited but also a bit hesitant. We got there a little early and had time to sit on the benches and watch. Kids his age were floating, doing flips underwater, diving, and learning the different strokes. I have learned as a mom to try and not compare my kid to others. It's truly impossible. So I compare but I don't make him feel any less because he can't do what most kids his age can do.

We met Shayna, his teacher. She is probably seventeen or so. I left and sat in an area where I could observe but Samuel couldn't see me. Well, needless to say, they spent most of the time and our money blowing bubbles on the steps. As we have been learning, Samuel has motor planning issues or the ability to think through a new task requiring body movements and then execute that movement. So learning a sport is difficult for him. Feeling the ground under him makes him feels secure. Not feeling it, well, he doesn't like it.

Samuel will learn to swim. It might take his much longer than your average kid. So, if we have to stay on the steps for awhile until he feels comfortable, that's ok. I am going to take him to the pool on Sunday to practice. Samuel does need to be pushed. And as his mama, I can push him more than a teenage instructor will. He can do much more than he thinks he can. He needs to feel secure in his ability. And I'm free.....


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