Friday, October 26, 2007


It's amazing how little you can spend at the grocery store if you make the effort. We have had three tough months financially. George has had to spend over $2000.00 on his Fed Ex truck, Maia has had vet bills(long story),and my car has had trouble. So we have been watching our spending and trying to catch up.

Beans are cheap. Super cheap. Our family of five can eat for about $3.00 a meal. Luckily my kids like beans. Luckily they're nutritious. We probably eat beans at least three times a week, sometimes more. Beans come in many varieties. In the last month we've had: lentils, pintos, black, kidney, navy, garbanzo, split pea. Maybe more but I can't remember. Samuel's comment is usually,
"Beans, again?"
I'm hoping that no new research comes out linking beans and cancer. We'd be in big trouble.

How many bags of beans would my family have to eat before I can buy this, my dream camera?
This camera with the lens is about $1200.00. If we eat beans at least four times a week and I can save $200.00 a month in groceries, I could have this camera in six months. I think that my families sanity is worth more than my dream....


debi said...

oh this made me laugh!!! we have some things in common! keep eating those beans & saving for that camera!!