Saturday, October 27, 2007

Season is over

Today was Samuel's last soccer game. I'm thankful. It was a bit torturous to watch him. During the game today, he and one of his little friends tried to play with their eyes closed. I'm sure it was Samuel's idea. He also tried to see if he could run down the sideline touching the white line the whole time. When he was paying attention to the actual game, maybe 5% of the time, he was yelling that he was open. The only time he touched the ball was a goal kick and a throw in.
But you should have seen his face when he got his medal. He was so proud and so excited. On the way home after the game, he said, "I'm the best soccer player ever, right mom." I truthfully responded, "You're my favorite soccer player in the whole world."
Here are a few pictures from today. You can see a clip also. Brace yourselves. It's action packed! Soccer video