Friday, October 12, 2007

This morning's conversation

Mom, why don't I see hearts around my head when I love someone? I love you right now and I don't see any hearts.
Well, drawing hearts is like love on paper.
But why hearts? Why not another shape like squares?
Well, the heart pumps blood through your body which keeps us alive. When we love someone, our hearts beat a little faster and keeps us alive.(Just trying to satisfy him....)
If you don't love anybody, do you die?
You get super lonely and sad. The more you love, the healthier you are.
I must be really, really, really healthy.


Anonymous said...

Samuel is very loved!
You'll get a kick out of the fact that last week while we were hiking, I could not get Samuel's most horrible insult out of my head ..."you poopy stinker!" I kept saying it all day - out loud - making my family laugh and endearing us to Samuel even from far away. Tell him we love him too!