Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My other dsyfunctional family

I go to the gym about five times a week. I've been doing this consistently since January. My favorite class is a spin class. It's basically an indoor bicycle class that lasts about an hour. It's much better on my knees and joints than running was. When I first starting taking classes, I kept to myself. I was there to exercise, not socialize. But when you are with these people almost every day, you're bound to make friendships. What I like about it, is that we are such a diverse group. Bruce is 68 and spins every day. He hasn't missed a day in years. He loves beer, as his belly shows. He's been retired for years and I think spin class keeps him going. He's originally from Boston and has a daughter my age. He loves Samuel and brings him special treats all the time. Leslie and Joanne are divorcees with kids in college. They basically come to class to check out the eligible men. Leslie is hilarious. She is from Minnesota and has the accent to prove it. It's like she walked right out of Garrison Kealer's stories. She's even a devote Lutheran. And boy can she drink beer. Bruce, Leslie, Joanne and I went out one night to this German pub. The waitress brought out the beer in these outrageously huge glasses that held maybe 25 ounces. Leslie must have had 3 or 4 and she was going strong. Bruce had maybe three. Joanne had 2 and it took me all night to drink one. I like beer but it fills me up. Especially the German stuff. We were there for 2 or 3 hours and had a great time. Bruce refused to let any of us help with the bill and every time any of us ladies stood up, he would stand, in an old-fashioned and forgotten gesture. We have plans to do it again in a few weeks. I guess what I like most about going to the gym, besides the exercise, is that it's a place that is all my own. People know me not as George's wife, or Samuel or Sophia's mom. I'm not a teacher. I'm simply Shelley and I like that.


Ellen and Kevin Fay said...

Shelley: I can't believe I've had you as a friend for so long and never knew what a wonderful writer and thinker you are -- I'm going to invite myself to the next pub outing, ok?