Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saga of mouse continues

No, the resilient mouse is not back, thankfully. But I think it's mom or dad is. We knew we probably had another mouse. They never come in ones.
So, yesterday George goes and gets these sticky pads that have a peanut butter scent that mice love. And sure enough when we woke up this morning, we had one. It was still alive and squealing. Samuel, of course was ecstatic. Finally, he was going to get a pet mouse. He didn't realize that the mouse was stuck, never to get free, and was going in the dumpster. Both he and Sophia were crouched down, looking at the mouse. Samuel had gone in the fridge and gotten some cheese and put it near the mouse's mouth. I wanted the mouse out as quickly as possible so I called George to get him. He picked the pad up and told Samuel that the mouse was going in the trash. Oh boy, did the kid cry. How could this have happened twice? His heart was broken, again. He clinged to George trying to stop him from going outside. I grabbed him and held him on the couch while George put him in the dumpster.
Mom, it just kills my heart. I can't stop crying about it.
He did calm down. I took Sophia outside to take some pictures of her. After a bit, I went looking for Samuel. He had somehow climbed up the side of the dumpster, opened it and gotten the mouse out. He was trying to save it. I'm not sure if it was still alive. I kept my distance. But, I did have my camera so I did take some pictures. One good thing about this experience and my mouse lover son, I am not as squeamish around the rodents. I've realized I'm a bit bigger than they are. Enjoy the pictures, especially you mom. I know how you love rodents!