Monday, October 22, 2007


Our Sunday evenings have become my favorite time of the week. For the last two months we have had people over and grilled outside. Samuel calls them our "grillouts". It's usually George's dad, Tony and one of his various girlfriends or some neighbors. Gabrielle and her friend Alex are also usually here and we had Alex's mother over last week. It gives me a chance to try new recipes and practice my hostessing skills. I did not inherit my mother's hostessing skills so I've had to learn. George is much more of a natural. I found a fun website that I've been getting recipes from. I think I've tried eight of them. Not the healthiest and not gourmet but simple and good. Try it! Recipes

Tony has been taking Samuel on Sundays. George drops him off around noon and Tony brings him back for dinner. It's been great for both of them. They work in his garden, go to the farmer's market, take walks, or run errands. I don't want to burden Tony with Samuel every week but he always calls us and asks when we're going to bring him over. He's enjoying being a grandpa and has realized that he's a much better grandpa than he was a father. Samuel wants to start fishing with him.

Yesterday he took him to the mountains with his cousin, Adele, who is here from Syria. They spent the day in Helen. I was a bit worried that Samuel was going to be a handful. When they got back yesterday, everyone had had a good time. Adele was really impressed with how good Samuel was. I thanked them both for taking him. They said they should be the ones thanking me. Maybe I should have them talk to Samuel's teacher.....