Saturday, October 6, 2007

Our little soccer player

Samuel has started soccer. He played in his second game today. The team consists of four and five year olds. I really wasn't too excited about him playing so young but he kept on asking so I gave in. They practice on Tuesdays and have games on Saturdays. The first practice was really bad. Samuel was absolutely clueless. The coach had all these drills for the kids to do. Talking to the moms, most of these kids have been to soccer camps and are playing their second year on a team. Poor Samuel. He was more interested in the cones out on the field than in the ball. He kept on putting the ball up on the cone and trying to kick the ball off of it. He spent the rest of the time staring out into space or trying to engage the coaches in conversation. "So, how are you guys doing?" "Would you like to come over to my house sometime?" Now this is in the middle of the drills. He really could care less about soccer. He is not competitive at all. I think he could play alright ability wise, if he wanted too but he doesn't. After the first practice, I thought about giving it up. He obviously was not interested, so I wasn't going to make him continue. On the way home, I talked to him about it, saying it was ok if he didn't want to play. He immediately told me, "No way mom, I want to play! I gotta get the trophy!" So we are continuing. His first game, he kicked the ball once. The coach enthusiatically came up to me after the game and said, "Did you see that kick?" Today he kicked it about four times. A marked improvement. He did find an ant pile that he eagerly showed the whole team. All four of the kids on his team were crouched down looking at the ants during the game. I wished I had a picture. That's my boy. Much more interested in bugs than a ball. He sat on the bench quite a bit and I noticed him talking alot to one of the coaches. On the way home, I asked him what he was talking to the coach about. "Oh, just how cool imaginations are and how sometimes it plays tricks on me. Like, when I think there is a monster in my room or eyes looking through my window, it's really just my imagination. Pretty cool, huh?" I wonder what that coach thought? I got to tell you. After the first practice, I was a bit embarrassed. Then I felt bad about feeling that way. I realized that he's an exceptional kid, athlete or not. He's having fun. He has no idea he stinks. And I'm proud of him.