Sunday, October 7, 2007

The other kid

We do have another kid. I haven't written much about her, mostly because she doesn't talk. The older she gets, the cuter she gets. This annoys her older brother to no end. Last week I took Samuel to the doctor because I suspected he had strep. I took both of them with me. Sophia had on a dress with her infamous pink boots. We must have been stopped at least 20 times in the office by nurses, office staff and doctors to tell us how cute she was. At one point we had three doctors in our room looking at her. Samuel was getting increasingly more irritated. He didn't seem to mind her much when she was a blob but now that she is a charming little toddler, he struggles with wanting her dead. Sophia does not like the car. She whines, screams in frustration or crys. Pretty irritating. One day she was doing this and I heard Samuel whisper,"I wish she were dead." We talked about it and I came to the conclusion that he doesn't need to be comitted to a mental hospital. He just doesn't have the words to voice his frustration about her.
She loves her pink boots. She carries them around until I put them on her. They actually fit her personality well. She's a girly bruiser. She runs at you full force and tackles. If you're on the floor, watch out. She's pretty fearless. She bumps her head at least 20 times a day and rarely cries. She's tough. But tough with a bow on her head.