Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Stay away, far away

I never buy sugary cereals. We are strictly a shredded wheat, oatmeal, and multi grain Cheerios kind of family. This does not stop Samuel from asking me every time we are at the grocery store for them. I've always wondered what mom in their right mind buys their kids chocolate covered neon green cookie crisps? Or how about those fruit loops that when you're done, your milk is a gross grey color making you wonder what in the heck was in them.
On our last trip to the grocery store, Samuel, hoping that I would finally change my mind, asked me for some marshmallow covered grossness. I was about to say no when I spotted a new colorful Cheerio box called Fruity Cheerios. They're Cheerios, how bad could they be? So I put them in our cart. Samuel was speechless. Could this really be true?
When we got home, he had a bowl. He wanted a bowl for lunch. That afternoon, I caught him on his stool reaching into the cereal box in the pantry trying to get a handful. When I got home from the gym, and George was "watching" the kids, both Samuel and Sophia were sitting on the floor with the colorful cheerios surrounding them, happy as can be. That night, I had put the kids in the bath and stepped in our room to put some clothes away. When I went to check on them, there were the stupid Cheerios floating all over the tub. And then, Samuel had the nerve to ask me if he could take some to bed with him!
Call me mean, call me boring or old fashioned but I'm sticking to the Shredded Wheat.