Friday, November 30, 2007

The plight of a very wanted female

Some of you might be offended by this post, but our dogs are part of our family and I feel like I needed to share. George has decided to breed the dogs. They are half brother and sister but he seems to think that the puppies will come out ok. So instead of keeping Maia in the kennel during her heat, she is out with Max, otherwise known as horny dog. Max is beside himself. He can't eat, doesn't sleep and won't even look at a tennis ball. If you know Max, a tennis ball is his first love. If he doesn't have one in his mouth, one is near, hoping that someone will throw it for him. Lately, the tennis ball is forgotten. All he wants to do is follow Maia, his nose in her bottom. When his nose in not there, he is trying to hump her. When he isn't humping her, he is howling in agony because she won't let him. I have never seem a girl less interested in sex. I caught her yawning while he was humping her yesterday and she spends most of her time sitting because this is the one way Max can't really get to her. Not for lack of trying. What gets me is the looks she gives me, female to female. It's like she knows I understand. Please get this guy off me, please. I have been there. I do understand. Human men would be the same way if there wasn't a social stigma against it. I'm sure plenty of men would love to follow women around like that. Instead, we get. "Honey, please come upstairs, please." It's a polite pleading rather than the ruthless nose in the butt.

I put Maia in her kennel this morning. She needed a break. When I went to check on them a little while ago, Max had his nose inside the kennel, trying to get a whiff through the bars. Poor Maia.