Saturday, December 1, 2007


Today I took Samuel and his friend, Ryan, to the Christmas parade downtown. This is our third year going and the first that we got through the whole thing. It's almost two hours long and after the fifteenth band, it gets a little old. But, we had a few things that entertained us. One of them being candy being thrown and the other being a bat. Ryan, is the neighbor boy who I've called "clean boy" and his mother is the one I yelled at. Obviously, things are better between us. Overall, it was a fun day. They were excited and very wiggly. We got there 30 minutes early to insure a good spot and I let the wiggly boys play a bit

Clean boy actually will pose for the camera. His mother doesn't take a million pictures of him a day and forever warp him into never, ever looking into the camera.

Once the parade started, the boys had a front row seat on the curb with a few snacks.

Here are some of the things they saw. It's really not bad for Atlanta. I mean you can't compare it to the Macy's one, but it's good.

I bet the Macy's parade doesn't have John Deere tractors.

And now for Batman. We'll get to the bat later. First came the Batmobile and then the actual Batman came and took a picture with Samuel.

I loved the llamas. Do they looked like they want to be there? And in a Santa hat. I think not.

Finally the bat, the highlight of the show for Samuel. He spotted a little bat on the street. One of the balloons must have knocked the little guy out of the tree. Everyone around was horrified except for my little boy.
"Mom, we have to save him! He will get trampled. I'll get him."
At this point, people around are yelling at him not to touch the bat. So he didn't but he was almost in tears.
"The bat is going to die."
So, what did he do? Samuel told everyone that was marching close to where the bat was, not to step on him. Nobody did. And then a miracle. The bat began to move his wings slowly. After awhile, he got them moving enough to fly up to a tree. Samuel was ecstatic.
"He's free! He's free!" He ran up to me and gave me a high five. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't realize that we were the only two that cared. Most people were oblivious to the plight of the bat. The ones that did notice, were just thankful that the disgusting creature was gone. Samuel then went in search of the bat in the tree. Notice how much he cares about the parade at this point.

What did I come away with this year? The bat and just how genuinely excited I was that he lived. Who would of thought that having an amazingly tender and sensitive boy would change me so.