Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shopping carts

This morning, I took my weekly trip to the grocery store with Samuel. When we entered, we saw a new type of cart. It's the latest high tech, make sure your kids are quiet while I enjoy a peaceful shopping experience, cart. It has an individual TV in each cart that plays Barney, Bob the Builder or The Wiggles. The doors are locked so there is no escape for the little brats. I know shopping with kids can be a huge pain but what are we doing to our kids? Samuel begged, I refused. Instead I pushed one of the monstrous carts that looks like this:

Now, these carts are the biggest pains to push. You bump the aisles, almost always knock something down, and run into people. But ...Samuel loves it and his precious brain cells are not being diminished by the evils of Barney.
When we were checking out, the cashier asked me why we didn't get one of the TV carts. I, trying not to sound too snobby, told her it was against my philosophy as a parent. She said she agreed but has enjoyed not having to clean up after kids gone wild in the candy aisles or hearing kids screaming while their parents try to shop. My kids have screamed while I've shopped, quite a few times. It's a rite of passage as a parent. So, no, I won't let my kids sit in a TV cart during our shopping trips in the future.

Where's Samuel now? He's watching the very educational show called Sponge Bob Square Pants because he was driving me insane and I wanted some peace and quiet..... I figured it was worth the two or three brain cells he's currently loosing. How's that for parental philosophy?