Sunday, November 11, 2007

Faces of Sophia

I love crying pictures. Not sure why. Maybe because babies do this a lot, almost as much as smiling. She cries much more than Samuel did. She's a girl, she has to compete with a very precocious brother who loves attention, and she's a girl.
We are constantly amazed by her talent in sticking out her lower lip when she's been wronged. If I do something she doesn't like, she immediately runs to daddy and babbles to him about what I did. It works the other way too, but I can tell she relishes in telling her daddy what mommy did to her much more. She's got her daddy wrapped already. And when I say wrapped, I mean very tightly wound around her little finger. I guess it must me genetic. I can clearly remember yelling for my daddy when my brothers would do something to me. It could be something minor but the yell for daddy was loud, regardless. And then the booming voice, "David, stop hitting your sister!" Afterwards, I remember, smiling at David, with a coy little winning smile.
Yup, it's genetic.


Humble Origins said...

...Oh my gosh! I love the photos! I especially love the third photo where she looks like she saw something and it distracted her for a moment. An almost, "oh look, a chicken!" look... lol... ;o)

...Adorable lil' girl! Nice blog too!

...Blessings... :o)