Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Super Mom

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I have a lot to do today. More than any human is capable of. Or at least one with two demanding children. But, I'm going to try. Here goes:
1) Clean Kitchen-√
2) Mop floors-√
3) Pick up all toys from living room-Samuel
4)Wash windows- Gabrielle
5) Clean baseboards- Gabrielle
6) 5 loads of laundry
7) Grocery store
8) Make pumpkin and pecan pies
9) Make sweet potato casserole
10) Make chili and cornbread for today
11)Pick up Gab's friend who is spending Thanksgiving with us
12) Go to the mall and put things on hold so I can just run in and purchase on Friday
13) Clean Samuel's room- Samuel-√
14) Have Samuel write a Thanksgiving letter
15) Go to gym
16) Clean bathrooms
It's 9:30 and we have gotten a few of them done. I gave Samuel the responsibility of taking care of Sophia while I cleaned and mopped the downstairs. Maybe not the best idea as I look at the disaster they made together but I want to get this done today so we all can relax tomorrow. George called and is absolutely slammed at work today. He probably won't be home until late. I will check back tonight with an update.
A little while ago Samuel was putting the toys away and told me, "Mom, I am Not doing this with a happy heart!"
So we pretended to be Super woman and Super boy and our mission was to clean. We ran around the downstairs and the toys were picked up in less than five minutes. We both had capes on. It was fun and he told me when we were done.
"Hey, mom. My heart just changed. It's so happy now."

Happy Thanksgiving!