Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not bad

1) Clean Kitchen-√
2) Mop floors-√
3) Pick up all toys from living room-Samuel Super boy√
4)Wash windows- Gabrielle √
5) Clean baseboards- Gabrielle √
6) 5 loads of laundry-√
7) Grocery store -√
8) Make pumpkin and pecan pies -√
9) Make sweet potato casserole -√
10) Make chili and cornbread for today -√
11)Pick up Gab's friend who is spending Thanksgiving with us-√
12) Go to the mall and put things on hold so I can just run in and purchase on Friday -x
13) Clean Samuel's room- Samuel-√
14) Have Samuel write a Thanksgiving letter-√
15) Go to gym -√
16) Clean bathrooms -√

Well, I did pretty well. I chose not to go to the mall and won't go Friday. I have no desire, even if the deals are great. The grocery store was a nightmare. The day before Thanksgiving is not the best time to go. I was very intent on getting out as quickly as possible. I stopped on the way to buy myself a Red Bull, hoping the energy would kick in. I was speeding through the aisles, not paying very much attention to the kids. I noticed that people kept on staring at Sophia. When I finally looked down at her, she was chugging my Red Bull. A big smile on her face and half of it on her shirt. Needless to say, it took her awhile to fall asleep for her nap.
It feels good to have so much done. We plan on making homemade cinnamon rolls in the morning, a process that will take maybe three hours. George is excited about doing it. I have visions of a disaster. My clean kitchen....