Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A typical four year old

I just got back from a two hour lecture on kindergarten readiness. It was given at The Wesleyan School. You can send your five year old there for the bargain tuition of $14,000 per year. Surprisingly, it wasn't an advertisement for their school and I got some good tools to better prepare Samuel. There's little doubt that we will send him to kindergarten next year. But he's my first, I'm a teacher, and a little paranoid. The best thing I got from the whole thing was a little paragraph that described a typical four-year old. I'm sure people heard my sigh of relief and my mutter of, "thank God", after I read it. Here's what it said:

1. Key word for four-year old is "out of bounds"
a)in motor behavior- hits, kicks, throws fits of rage
b) in personal relationships- loves to defy orders and requests, swaggers,boasts.
c)in language- often tries to use shocking words and becomes hilarious regarding
bathroom words.
2. Line between fact and fiction not very real- often full of tall tales. Imagination
gets out of control.
3. Little sense of property rights- possession is ownership
4. Motor drive is high- runs up and down stairs, runs through house, shuts doors with crash and bang. Also great talker- loves to make up silly words and rhyme words.
5. Likes dramatic play.

Doesn't that sound just like him? I guess his preschool teacher has made me a litte paranoid . Do you think it would be bad if I printed it out and taped it to him tomorrow?