Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I put my kids to bed at 6:30 tonight. Is that awful? I had a long and stressful day. It really stinks when you show up on time for a meeting and realize that you are at the wrong school. And the wrong school you are at took you forty-five minutes to get to and the right school is twenty more minutes away. So all in all in took me over an hour to get to a meeting that lasted fifteen minutes. But my incredible expertise was obviously needed and I was an enormous asset and they could never had done without me. And to reward me for all of my hard work, Sophia threw up in the car after I picked her up. All over herself, her car seat and her brother. I thought the brother thing was pretty cool. He definitely deserves it after what he puts her through.

Tomorrow, I have a very long day and won't have a second to post. But, yeah!!! it's my last day of work for awhile and I can't wait to be at home for two weeks all day with a whiny toddler and an incredibly energetic and spirited boy. If only it would rain for the two weeks. That would be perfect. Can you tell what a great mood I'm in? No, I am looking forward to the break and to having my parents here. Without work, I'll have much more time and energy with the kids which automatically makes them less whiny and much easier to manage.

This post was supposed to be a Sophia one but I don't want to do it on here. It's not fair to her to be on such a cranky post.