Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy, happy kids

I caved. As much as I despise McDonald's, I took the kids there yesterday. It was cold, very cold and the kids needed to run around or I was going to loose it. So, we went because it's the only fast food place around that has an indoor play place. Samuel has been to a McDonald's maybe four times in his life. He's been indoctrinated with the evils of the place since he could talk.This fact alone makes him want to go all the more.
When we got to the cashier to order, I asked Samuel what he wanted. "What do they have here that isn't yucky? You said everything is yucky here."
I ignored my very honest son and politely ordered two Happy Meals. When we got to our table,they dove in like they had never eaten before. Nothing like a bunch of additives and preservatives to get your kids to eat. I bet if I started feeding Samuel junk instead of our normal fare of bean stews, he would gain ten pounds in a month. You look at him now and he looks a little like an Auschwitz survivor.

And the toys, the toys. What is it about those darn Happy Meal toys? Samuel would not put the Shrek head down all day. And what does it do? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

I don't know, maybe I'm just a mean old mom. But I remember before I had kids, I said I would never, ever take them to McDonald's. But look at them. Little Sophia slurping down some kind of juice filled with God knows what and licking every part of the ketchup off her hamburger. And did you know that french fries stick to your sweater? See, they learned something new.

On the way home, Samuel commented, "Mom, I think that was the best lunch I've ever had." Maybe I should rethink those bean stews.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Give up and give in - MickeyD's rules the world - we just have to accept it and move on....