Thursday, January 31, 2008

Acknowledge Please

I know that almost every parent think that their children are the cutest, smartest creatures around. But sometimes I think that people just don't understand how amazing kids are. Let me give you an example. Let's say I am in line at Target, patiently waiting my turn. Can I just say that I can never leave Target without spending $100.00. I hate that store. I have been staying away lately. Back to my story... Sophia is sitting in the cart and looks up at me and smiles sweetly. Then she takes my face in her hands and say's dadu mama.(love you mama)I immediately look around to see who heard this. A few people do and what do they do? Smile. I feel like shaking them, yelling "Did you just hear what she said? Do you not think that she is the sweetest, cutest, most amazing kid in the world?" I refrain from the shaking and yelling but come on people! Give me a little nod. Maybe a comment on how cute she is. Acknowledge what a great job God did in creating her.

OK, fast forward two minutes. Sophia decides she wants some of the candy that is conveniently located at the checkout counters "TTTHHHEEESSSEEEE IIIIIIIIII WWWWWAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNTTTTTT TTTHHHEEEESSSSSEEEEE!!!" She has a great yell and when she wants something, she wants it. She doesn't like me telling her no. And I am not one of those parents that give in to the yelling. I ignore the blood curdling screams and pleasantly look at a magazine while I wait. I look around at the people to see how they are reacting to this pint sized monster, and what do I see? Shakes of the head, comments about my child to the cashier, and general disgust.

You see people, if you would have just acknowledged my amazingly cute toddler when she was being amazingly cute, then this outburst would never have happenned. She would have been engaged and smiling at you people and would have totally ignored the candy. So when you see an incredibly cute kid at the checkout line, don't just smile, talk to her, make her laugh, play peek-a-boo. Her mother will thank you, I promise.